The Bamboo Mirror

This is an anthology of multiple stories.

Story 1 — Widow’s Weeds

This short story is very interesting about a woman going home for her parents funeral but instead finds something that she didn’t expect marriage. What could go wrong with this scenario. First she had a boyfriend in another country and then she winds up marrying a man from Cypres.

She is a Black Widow as she then kills her husband. It is not that long of story and I don’t really see the motive for it but I did like the taste that she gave us with this story. Maria was an interesting character and I would love to see more of this character to see her reasoning

Story 2 — The Bamboo Mirror

This features the introduction of a new character Diana Rivers. This is what I would call a Paranormal story and was quite interesting to see, The story was two chapters and while it was good it needed to be longer to get a better feel of the characters.

Story 3 — The Cast Party

The story was interesting but a bit disturbing at how Linda uses sexual appeal to try and get what she wants. Just glad that people don’t always fall for this.

Story 4 — Making a Right

Amazing story though I wished it was a little longer but this could easily be put into a full novel later on giving more of the background and showing the way that the two met and fell in love and the reason that love failed.

Story 5 — Rebecca with two Cs

This is one of the stories I really didn’t get at all. It had a good writing but just couldn’t really understand the story very much. Not sure really what to think of it,

Story 6 — Summer Visitors

Very confusing story and doesn’t have a lot of character abilitiy that I could see. It was well written though from what I could see just couldn’t really understand what had happened. Maybe it should have been longer to give a better idea to the characters

All in total the book had some wonderful short stories or blurbs for what could make some amazing books. I found the last two stor

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